2016 Eligible Events

Rallye Baie-des-Chaleurs New Richmond, QC CRAB July 1-3
Ledwidge Lookoff Rally Dartmouth/Noel, NS BAC July 23-24
Rallye Charlevoix La Malbaie, QC CRDC October 21-22

Format of the Championship

  • Number of Events in the Championship: 3
  • Number of Events which participants will count towards the championship: 3
  • Minimum number of events started to be declared the champion: 2

Competitor Eligibility for Points within the Championship

Drivers and Co-drivers must be a member in good standing with a CARS affiliated club in either Québec or the Atlantic Region.

Registration Fee 

There will be no registration fee to be part of the championship.

Teams will be asked to identify themselves for scoring purposes by registering with the organizer ( info@meqa-lameq.com ) of the MEQA Championship.


At the conclusion of the series, the overall champions for each class will be presented with a trophy and a dash plaque. Dash plaques will be awarded to 2nd and 3rd place winners in each class. The trophies will be reissued each year.

Overall 4WD (production & open) driver and co-driver

Overall 2WD (production & open) driver and co-driver


Results will be maintained on the championship website, and updated immediately following the conclusion of each event.

Point System

Teams will be awarded points based on their placing within the MEQA Championship competitors.

One Point will be awarded for starting the rally, and one point will be awarded for finishing the rally.

1st Place 20 6th Place 6
2nd Place 15 7th Place 4
3rd Place 12 8th Place 3
4th Place 10 9th Place 2
5th Place 8 10th Place 1

Double points will be scored for a team’s placing at ONE event outside their home province.